Welcome to the Mountain

 Sharp's Mountain Outdoor Gear

We've been working behind the scenes for several months and are grateful to finally welcome you to Sharp's Mountain Outdoor Gear. We're a small shop near the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with a focus on making great gear. Manufacturing is not a new gig for us - in fact we've been making rugged gear for different markets for over a decade.

With Sharp's Mountain we are bringing our love of the outdoors and the tradition of American craftsmanship together in a way we never have before. Whether you are into shooting sports, hunting, hiking, camping, and more - we hope to bring you some of the best American made gear you can find.

Everyone has a day job, but for us, our real life happens when we are outdoors, in the woods, out in the field, on the mountain. If you have an independent spirit and love the wild we hope to make your acquaintance and put some solid gear in your hands.

And one last thing... this whole project started as a family affair. It's all about passing on your love for a life outdoors onto the next generation. Teach your children well - they are the future and we don't get a second chance.

Welcome to the mountain.