Simple Competition Rifle Sling (new in the shop)

Shooters of all skill levels can benefit from a simple rifle sling! A rifle sling will allow you to steady your aim significantly. It works by anchoring the rifle more securely to your body by looping around the supporting arm. It's a great option for competitive shooters and may even reduce muscle fatigue during matches.

Champion shooter Lauryl from Three Sister's Shooting believes that rifle slings are a really good thing. "It makes your chances of hitting a six-inch plate at sixty yards a lot higher!" Lauryl said. While Lauryl has tried a variety of sling styles from different companies, the Sharp's Mountain Competition Rifle Sling is her top pick. The bolt clip is available with different ends for sling bolt or quick release. Mil-spec hardware ensures the sling won't slip or loosen during use. "You can put all your body weight against the sling and the teeth-clip won't let it slip," Lauryl said.

Now you too can become your own bipod!