Ultimate Rifle Mat (new in the shop)

 Ultimate padded and rugged rifle mat

In case you haven't seen it yet, one of the first Sharp's Mountain products we are excited to release is now for sale and in production: our Ultimate Rifle Mat.

Check out the video of competitive shooter Lauryl from Three Sister's Shooting as she explains why she loves the rifle mat. Lauryl is also a part of the Sharp's Mountain family so she gets to trial alot of our products (rock on Lauryl!).

The topside of the mat is made from rugged 1000D cordura and the underside is made from vinyl-coated polyester truck tarp. It's oil and water-resistant and is easy to clean. We also wanted it to be convenient to take with you so it folds and clips closed for easy carry. This thing is padded too, so it can cut down on fatigue and provide some insulation from the ground.

Like all Sharp's Mountain brand products, we are proud to build these right here in Virginia, USA, by the Blue Ridge Mountains. And don't forget - our rugged warranty lasts a lifetime. If you have any trouble with anything we make, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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