Our Overland Fridge Tie-Down Strap Kit is made in the USA and comes withe a rugged life time guarantee.
This kit comes with two of each Tie-Down Strap, cam buckle, and web dominator. Each strap measures at 50 inches long.
Our Fridge Tie-Down Strap Kit works well with our Cooking Kit Bag - a great addition to your portable fridge.
You can use both our Tie-Down Strap Kit and our Cooking Kit Bag on one portable cooler - like this one from Dometic.
Our Fridge Tie-Down Strap Kit works with single slot Fridge Slides as well as double slot Fridge Slides.
Tie-Down Strap Kit for your Vehicle Fridge (powered cooler) - by Blue Ridge Overland Gear
Each Fridge Tie-Down Strap includes a Web Dominator for keeping the tail of the strap neat.
This Vehicle Fridge Strap secures your portable fridge to any Fridge Slide.
Overland Fridge Tie-Down Strap Kit from Blue Ridge Overland Gear
This Overland Fridge Tie-Down Strap features a heavy-duty metal cam buckle for tightening.

Overland Fridge Tie-Down Strap Kit


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A portable vehicle fridge (aka: powered 12 volt cooler) is a gamechanger - allowing you to bring the culinary comforts of home into your overlanding adventures. And one of the accessories that we have found essential to go along with your new portable fridge is a Fridge Slide. But with great convenience comes great responsibility ;)

Protect your investment! When using a Fridge Slide, you need some way to secure your fridge to the slide. Failure to do so could turn your new fridge into a powerless cargo bin. That's why we created the Overland Fridge Tie-Down Strap Kit. It keeps your powered cooler securely attached to your fridge slide.

With our Fridge Tie-Down Strap Kit you can be confident that your powered cooler will stay secure for years to come. We also designed it to work well with our Cooking Kit Bag. Our Tie-Down Straps are universally adaptable to any vehicle fridge with handles on each end.

Strong as an ox, simple design, made in Virginia, USA. Would more could you want?

Product Features
  • Kit comes with two Straps - one for the front and one for the back.
  • All pieces included: two Straps, two Cam Buckles, two Web Dominators
  • Universal Tie-Down Strap Kit - works with any Vehicle Fridge with a handle on each end.
  • Works with both double and single slot Fridge Slides.
  • Features heavy-duty metal Cam Buckle to cinch it down tight.
  • Comes with Web Dominator to tidy up the Strap tail.
  • One Strap is rated for 700lbs.
  • Each Strap measures 50 inches long.
  • Straps made of heavy duty nylon.
  • Compatible with our Cooking Kit Bag
  • Made in Virginia, USA
  • Life time rugged guarantee

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